Polling Days Thursday 5 May and Thursday 23 June

We are aware that Halstow School and other schools will be closed for Polling day on Thursday 5 May and Thursday 23 June and we have been asked by several parents whether we will be running a holiday club day on those dates.  Should there be sufficient demand from parents we would be happy to run a holiday club day on those dates.  If you would like us to do that, please can you email thehollytreeclub@hotmail.com stating which day(s) you would like and whether you would need from 8am or 9am.  


On the Polling Days, we would plan to run our normal holiday club day meeting at The Bridge at 8am for breakfast, or at 9am, then going on a day trip and returning to The Bridge by 3pm.  From 3pm to 6pm we would then run our normal after school club session. The cost for the day is £35 from 9am or £40 from 8am with a 10% sibling discount.  


If you don’t require care but your child normally attends the after school club at either The Bridge or The Bell House on Thursdays, you are welcome to drop off your child at The Bridge at 3.30pm to be collected at your usual time.  For our children at Millennium Primary School who attend on Thursdays, we will pick up as usual from Millennium at 3.30pm.