Our Ofsted Reports

Here are the links to our Ofsted reports :

The Bell House

‘Staff offer a wide range of activities to help extend children’s creativity, imagination and understanding of the wider world. The manager and staff create a fully inclusive environment where diversity is respected and celebrated. Children develop their understanding of differences between themselves and other people.
Partnerships with staff at schools that children attend, and with parents, are very
effective. Staff work closely with teachers and parents to help provide continuity in
children’s care and learning. Parents and the headteacher of the school speak positively of this club. Children of different ages play extremely well together. Older children demonstrate very supportive care towards younger children.’


The Bridge – now closed as we operate from within the grounds of Halstow School

‘The provider is dedicated and committed to providing the highest quality of provision.  Children play exceptionally well together.  The highly qualified and enthusiastic staff provide a stimulating and vibrant environment where all children are consistently engaged.  Partnerships with parents are extremely good.  Staff work extremely closely with teachers and special educational needs coordinators in schools to meet the needs of individual children.’